We end the garments returns due to wrong washing with Change Reaction technology.

One of the biggest problems of all brands is; returns arising from damaged products because they were not washed in accordance with the warnings in the washing instructions.

The final customer can make returns by saying that he has washed in accordance with the instructions, but that the product is still damaged.
With the Change Reaction technology that you will apply to the labels, it can now be seen through the color-changing pigments that the washing is done incorrectly.
Change Reaction will minimize unfair returns due to incorrect washing and ensure that the final customer pays attention to the warnings in the washing instructions.

Our innovation not only contributes positively to textile production in the world by preventing the financial damage faced by the brands due to unfair returns, but also provides the consumers with the awareness of using the product correctly and maintains the sustainability of the world and protects the nature.

Sanayi Mahallesi, Başaklı

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      İstanbul, Türkiye

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