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From dreams to reality...

We are CR label Design & Production co. founded in 1992; at that time, Ceki Dalva decided to touch people's souls with his labels.



From dreams to reality...

The Fashion world was in need of further innovation, exclusive diversification. Thus, we came into being, including authenticity to garments and enhancing them with our custom-made designs. 


Created thanks to the latest techniques with numerous eco-friendly materials our collections are the expression of precious Know How. Love and diligent care helps us manufacture every single label in touch with people’s skin.

CR Labels’ are supplied all over the world by an exceptional team dedicating great attention to customer’s requirements.


Our mission is to give people wearing your Garments together with our labels a sense of quality and ultimately make them smile with pleasure.

Today, CR Labels produces all its applications in-house, we design exclusive collections and produce for some of the world’s largest brands.


We are delighted our paths have crossed with yours and are sure we will have a successful journey beginning today, together in the future!

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